Military Aviation Reachout is composed of a team of professional aviation photographers of all ages who all have a common interest and passion for military aviation photography as well as promoting military aviation across the globe.

Alistair Zammit – Editor & Founding Member

Alistair is an aerospace and mechanical engineer with a passion for military aircraft and aircraft structural engineering technologies. He currently works as an Operations Specialist within Malta’s Air Navigation Service Provider. Alistair’s favorite military aircraft include the F-15 Eagle, the Mirage 2000, and the Eurofighter Typhoon, an aircraft which he has worked on for around two years fulfilling a childhood dream. Alistair is also passionate about military aviation within the Asia-Pacific Region, due to the vast number of aircraft types that one may find in this area of the world.

Braden Coleiro – Co-Editor & Founding Member

Braden works as an aircraft engineer in a leading Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Company in Malta. Braden’s interest in aviation started at a very young age, during Malta’s Airshows. Braden’s favorite aircraft include the B-52 and the F-4 Phantom. His main interest rests within US and Japanese military history and the aircraft’s operational history with-in an air force, together with all weapons and reconnaissance systems used.

Shaun Psaila – Social Media Editor & Contributor

Shaun is an aircraft mechanic who has been hooked to aviation ever since his very first airshow in 2007. Shaun currently works in a leading Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Industry in Malta striving to achieve his CATB1.1 Aircraft Maintenance License and progressing his career in the aircraft maintenance industry. He is also currently undergoing PPL training to hopefully one day become a commercial pilot. His favorite aircraft aircraft include the Su-30 and the F-4 Phantom. He is very interested in aircraft technologies such as those used for Stealth, Electronic Warfare and Reconnaissance and is also intrigued by Weapon Systems and payloads.

Roderick Agius -Contributor

Roderick is an aviation enthusiast who has been into aviation since when he was very young. Roderick started spotting military aircraft ever since his first visit at Malta International Airshow held in 2001. Roderick currently works with one of the leading aviation industries on the island as a purchasing officer. His favourite aircraft include those belonging to the Jet Era and has a particular interest in aircraft which were based in Malta when it was part of the British colony. He is very interested in the history of aviation starting from the Vietnam war onwards to the present day.

Keith Pisani – Social Media Editor & Contributor

Keith works within the structures department for a leading Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul company in Malta. Keith’s interest in aviation started during the Libya crisis in 2011 and also through editions of the Malta International Airshow. His main interest in aviation rests within the air refueling capabilities and his favorite aircraft is the A330 MRTT.

Wayne Camilleri -Contributor

Unlike most contributors, Wayne does not work within the aviation industry. Despite this, Wayne’s interest in aviation started at a very young age, during Malta’s Airshows coupled with the fact that he lives in close proximity to Malta International Airport. Wayne’s favorite aircraft include the Dassault Mirage 2000, the Mighty F-4 phantom, the AV-8B Harrier and the F-15 Eagle.

Brendon Attard – Contributor

Brendon has been photographing military aircraft ever since 2005 starting from the Malta International Airshow. In 2009 he started taking photos of civil and military aricraft movements passing through LMML. Following 2011, he started travelling abroad to different countries and military air bases, his highlights being a flight on a Royal Netherlands Air Force KDC-10 Tanker as well as several base visits. Brendon currently works in the OPS team of a Maltese Registered AOC. His favourite country for spotting aircraft is Japan whereas he is passionate about the USAF. His favourite aircraft are the A-10C warthog and the F-22A Raptor.

Renald Aquilina – Contributor

Renald was always fascinated by aviation in general as his travelling experiences started from a very young age. Back in 2009, Renald brought together his photography and aviation interests at the Malta International Airshow. Focusing primarily on military aviation, he has attended several airshows and military exercises across Europe, Asia, US, and Northern Africa. The C-130 Hercules was always one of his favourite aircraft, while one of his spotting highlights was spotting at Rainbow Canyon, a.k.a Death Valley, located in the California desert.

Ruben Falzon – Contributor

Ruben works the logistics department of a leading Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul company in Malta. Ruben’s interest in aviation started at a very young age, during the Malta International Airshow and his favorite aircraft is the TU-95 Bear. His main interest in aviation is the history of the post-world war two era aircraft. Ruben is also an aircraft model collector, a passion he started since he was a twelve-year-old.

Kyle Mizzi – Contributor

Kyle is an aviation enthusiast and modeler. He has been fascinated with military aviation ever since his family took him to his first Malta International Airshow back in 2002. His passion for military aircraft kept flourishing when his late grandfather bought him a Mig-29 model. In 2010 he further explored military aviation through plane spotting and has since visited multiple military airbases across the world. His favorite aircraft are mostly those related to the cold war era, such as the Mig-29 and the mighty phabulous phantom!.

Kyle Cortis – Contributor

Kyle is a computer science student with a passion for military aviation. He has enjoyed many fruitful experiences abroad through air shows and base visits which have given him the opportunity to photograph and admire aircraft from all over the world. In the future, Kyle hopes to be able to work in a field related to computing technologies which will allow him to be close to his hobby.