The first ever edition of the Leonardo Search & Rescue Workshop was held in Malta on the 27th and 28th of April, 2022. Over 60 delegates from all around the Mediterranean operating Leonardo helicopters attended the workshop.

Leonardo’s helicopters are deployed in more than 150 countries worldwide for every type of mission. From the 1.8-ton single-engine category to 16-ton three-engine aircraft, the company’s vertical flight solutions are the most advanced and include comprehensive technical assistance and training services to enable operators to carry out their missions efficiently and safely. As well as the full spectrum of capabilities to develop fundamental vertical flight technologies, Leonardo’s range of solutions also includes remotely piloted aircraft and tiltrotors, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation in air mobility and for every mission requirement.

The participants showcasing their helicopters all arrived on the 26th April, with a total of 5 helicopters , 4 of which flew in from Italy and included:

  • 1 x Italian Navy EH-101 Merlin ‘MM81414’
  • 1 x Italian Coast Guard AW-139CP ‘MM82041’
  • 1 x Italian Customs Police PH-139D ‘MM81964’
  • 1 x Italian Air Force HH-139B ‘MM82030’

In addition, a locally based AW-139 from the Armed Forces of Malta joined the impressive lineup at Safi Aviation Park.

Some Italian delegates also arrived onboard two fixed wing Piaggio P-180 Avanti aircraft, one belonging to the Italian Fire Department and the other belonging to the Italian Coast Guard.

The workshop started with a seminar in one of Malta’s premier hotels with various speakers from different operators flying Leonardo helicopters. The afternoon included presentations by Leonardo representatives, showcasing the company’s latest state-of-the-art gear in an industry that is ever-evolving with Leonardo leading the field when it comes to Search & Rescue equipment, including that of Rescue Hoist Systems and Wireless Communications. 

The second day was purely hands-on experience for the visiting delegates who had the opportunity to see the various configurations of four AW-139s and an AW101. Delegates were given tours around the helicopters by their own operators as well as Leonardo’s representative. The meeting also included a “Hoist Training” VR simulator (called “MITHOS”) presentation followed by a flight by two of the visiting helicopters in the afternoon for some of the delegates to experience all the possibilities that the various helicopters can offer for present and future operators of the magnificent line of Leonardo helicopters.

Members of MAR also had the unique opportunity for an exclusive night shoot on Thursday evening, where all participating helicopters could be photographed under artificial lighting conditions, showcasing even more the intricate liveries of some of the participating helicopters.

Following the workshop, all participants departed from Safi Aviation Park on Friday morning. The 1st Leonardo Helicopters SAR Workshop was a huge success and it is hoped that Malta becomes Leonardo’s choice for hosting such events and showcase its ever-growing and evolving line of Leonardo helicopters and equipment in the coming years.