In January each year the World Economic Forum (WEF) hosts a unique meeting  in the exclusive Swiss resort of Davos. Davos is in Switzerland, around 115km south-east of Zurich. It is, incidentally, the highest town in Europe, and a busy ski resort in the winter.The town does not have its own airport, so most visitors choose to fly into Zurich Airport, with smaller numbers using Bern, Geneva, Altenrhein and Sion airports.

The meeting brings together business leaders, international political leaders, economists and celebrities to discuss the most pressing issues facing the world. Such an event is thus a major draw for aviation enthusiasts as a large number of aircraft arrive at Zurich airport with many of the on board dignitaries then being flown by helicopter to Davos. 

Another main attraction for aviation enthusiasts during recent WEF meetings are the special ramp tours that are available enabling access to many areas of the airport which would normally be impossible to photograph from without being on one of these tours.

The tour guides are superb and go out of their way to make sure as many aircraft as possible are visited during the 2 hours available, even monitoring what is on approach should a rare WEF arrival be on finals and then find a perfect spot on the ramp for the group to photograph it as it taxies in! The ramp tours are usually available for booking online from the start of November and can be found on the Buchair shop website.

One of our correspondents was there to witness all the action and spent around 3 days in Switzerland to document some of the military aviation movements of WEF 2020. Please find below a short summary of aircraft movements and highlights of this trip:

Aircraft Spotting Day 1:

Aircraft Spotting Day 2 + NightShoot:

Aircraft Spotting Day 3: