US Navy C-2A Greyhound!

Yesterday afternoon, a US Navy Grumman C-2A Greyhound, currently embarked on USS Gerald Ford, visited LMML to transport high ranking Maltese officials and government representatives onboard the super carrier. The C-2A is primarily designed to carry supplies, mail, and passengers, and provide critical logistics support to and from the aircraft carries of the United States of America.

The C-2A is a twin-engine high wing aircraft that first flew in 1964. All aircraft were heavily updated in 2010 with eight blades instead of the original four, as well as additional navigational updates such as the introduction of glass cockpits. The C-2A is entering its last years of operation with the US Navy, and the remaining 27 airframes are set to be replaced with 38 CMV-22Bs that will reach full operational capabilities with the US Navy in 2028.

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