Flying Bulls for Malta International Airshow 2023

The organisers of the Malta International Airshow are thrilled to announce that The Flying Bulls will be participating in the Malta International Airshow 2023 with an incredible lineup of aircraft. The team will be bringing their iconic B-25J Mitchell bomber, the P-38L Lightning fighter, and two Alpha jet trainers.

The Flying Bulls are a world-renowned team of pilots and aviation enthusiasts who have been thrilling audiences around the world with their amazing displays. Their aircraft are some of the most iconic and beloved in aviation history, and the team’s skill and precision are second to none.

The B-25J Mitchell bomber and P-38L Lightning fighter are two of the most recognizable aircraft from World War II, and watching them fly is truly a breathtaking experience. The Alpha jet trainers, on the other hand, prove themselves as technologically mature aircraft in their missions and are also flown at numerous air shows as part of the Flying Bulls concept – to the delight of a large international audience.

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