Qatari Exotica at LMML!

Earlier this week, 2 Eurofighter Typhoons passed via Malta on delivery to the Qatar Emiri Air Force in stunning late afternoon light conditions. Back in December 2017, the Qatar Emiri Air Force signed a contract for 24 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft, in a 6.7 billion dollar deal. In addition to the Typhoon, the deal also consisted in 9 BAE Hawk aircraft. The deal was signed in Doha by Khalid Bin Mohammed Al Attiyah and then UK defense minister Gavin Williamson, in what was the largest Typhoon deal for over a decade. Alongside the aircraft the deal includes a 6 year availability support service between the Qatari government and BAE Systems.

The first four typhoons (including the two that passed via Malta) were originally planned to be delivered last week. However, one aircraft experienced technical difficulties and did not even take off from Warton, whereas a second aircraft returned back to base after departing due to a refuelling probe issue. In addition, from the two aircraft that actually made it to their first stop in Athens Airport, one typhoon experienced a technical malfunction and remained at Athens airport awaiting repairs, resulting in only one Typhoon actually making it to Qatar last week.

The sole Typhoon that actually made it to Qatar last week, was put on display along with two Dassault Rafale, two Boeing F-15QA jets and two NH90 NFH helicopters of the QEAF for an unveiling ceremony that was held at Tamim Airbase. The Eurofighter Typhoon will provide critical security support for the upcoming FIFA World Cup, which will be held in the Emirate of Qatar from November 20.

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