Marine Militare AB-212 ASW

An Italian Navy Agusta-Bell AB 212 ASW sporting military serial ‘MM81089’ was recently observed on the deck of ITS Vega on the 14th August in Malta’s Grand Harbour.

The Agusta-Bell AB 212 ASW, built under license in Italy by Agusta is an anti-submarine warfare, anti-shipping version of the AB 212 helicopter. The type has been in operation with the Italian Navy, Hellenic Navy and Islamic Republic of Iran Navy, Peru, Spain, Turkey, and Venezuela.

The AB-212ASW is a Model 212 Twin Huey with a prominent radome situated above the cockpit. Early production saw a dome-shaped radome, while later types saw a flatter “drum” radome. A left side winch is used for dipping the AQS-13 dipping sonar. Other changes include structural reinforcement for a gross weight of 11,197 lbs (5080 kg), electronic counter measures, shipboard deck tie-down attachments and corrosion protection.

Helicopter Specifications:

  • Crew (AB-212ASW): pilot, co-pilot, 2 operators
  • Length: 14,02 meters
  • Rotor diameter: 14,5 meters
  • Height: 4,53 meters
  • Max. takeoff weight: 5080 kilograms
  • Powerplant: 2 × Pratt & Whitney PT-6T-3 turboshaft engines (2000 hp)
  • Maximum speed: 130 knots (240 km/h)
  • Range: 360 NM (667 km)
  • Ceiling: 15000 feet (4570 m)


  • 1 x 7,62mm MG or 12,7mm MG / Mk-46 Torpedoes (ASW)

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