Algerian Air Force King Air 350

A Beechcraft King Air 350 belonging to the Algerian Air Force visited LMML on the 16th February for a brief tech stop. It picked up a number of passengers and departed an hour later for Egypt. It returned later on in the evening for a brief gas and go and returned back to Algeria. The same airframe returned back to LMML on the 25th February and carried out similar flights, arriving in the morning for a brief gas and go and returning back late afternoon before returning back to Algeria.

This aircraft is used as a utility aircraft to transport VIPs and high ranking officials of the Algerian Air Force and Government. Algeria also uses the extended range version of the King Air as a surveillance aircraft. It is reported that in 2013, Algeria ordered 6 King Air 350ER fitted with radar and thermal imaging equipment, for use as maritime and ground surveillance platforms.

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