Qatar Amiri Flight Kicks Off 2022.

Yesterday morning, a Qatar Amiri Flight Airbus A320-214(CJ) Prestige ‘A7-HSJ’ landed in Malta following a flight from Doha, Qatar.

The Qatar Amiri Flight is a private VVIP airline and operates exclusively for the Royal Family and high ranked government staff of the State of Qatar. Currently, the Qatar Amiri Flight fleet boasts a total of 14 aircraft in service, distributed between the following aircraft types:

Aircraft TypeNumber of Aircraft
Airbus A319-100/ACJ3
Airbus A320-2001
Airbus A320-200/ACJ2
Airbus A330-2002
Airbus A340-2001
Airbus A340-3001
Airbus A340-5001
Boeing 747-8/BBJ3

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