Reino de Espana

One of two Airbus A310s belonging to the Spanish Air Force visited LMML yesterday for a brief stop while high ranking Spanish Government officials visited Libya to participate in an important high level state meeting between the two countries.

The Spanish Air Force A310 VIP fleet is used to transport the King, President of Spain, high-ranking government officials, and other members of the Spanish Royal Family. King Juan Carlos of Spain always uses the military fleet of VIP aircraft whenever he travels. These aircraft are normally based at LETO (Torrejon, Madrid) and are operated by the 45 Grupo. This particular aircraft was delivered on the 25th January 2002.

According to journalists that have visited the aircraft, the aircraft’s interior “is like a hotel, filled with intricately designed rooms with lush bedrooms and conference halls. It also has some seats at the back portion and had spacious leg room.”

Aircraft Stats.

Dimensions :

  • Length: 46.66 m.
  • Wingspan: 43.90 m.
  • Height: 15.80 m.


  • Empty: 85,500 kg.
  • Maximum takeoff: 157,000 kg.


  • Maximum: 340 knots or Mach .84
  • Cruise: Mach .80


  • Distance: 9600 km.
  • Time: 12 hours

Engines: 2 turbofan ge cf6-80c2a2

Maximum ceiling: fl410 or 12,400 m.

In-flight refueling: No

Armament: No

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