USN Clipper in LMML

A Boeing C-40A Clipper, serial 165832′, belonging to the United States Navy also visited LMML on Sunday. It dropped of passengers and left off soon afterwards. It is expected to make a return to LMML on the 8th May 2021.

The Boeing C-40 Clipper is a military version of the Boeing 737-700C airline transport. It is used by both the United States Navy and the United States Air Force, and has been ordered by the United States Marine Corps. The Navy C-40A variant is named “Clipper”, whereas the USAF C-40B/C variants are officially unnamed.

The Navy purchased the aircraft using standard commercial practices, ordering six of the 737-700C models. The first two of four aircraft were delivered on 21 April 2001 to Fleet Logistics Support Squadron Five Nine (VR-59) at the Naval Air Station/Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, Texas, with two more aircraft following before the end of the year. The fifth and sixth aircraft were delivered in August 2002 to VR-58 at the Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida. Further aircraft have been delivered to VR-57 at the Naval Air Station North Island, California. The C-40A provides superior fuel efficiency, range and payload compared to the C-9B aircraft it placed.

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