Turkish Delight at LMML

On the 17th November 2020, a Turkish Air Force Gulfstream G-IV, serial ’91-003′, landed at LMML bringing along various Turkish Dignitaries for meetings with the Maltese Government and the Armed Forces of Malta. ’91-003′ flies alongside a Gulfstream G550 ’09-001′ operated by 212 Filo based at Ankara. The Turkish Government also operates another 2 Gulfstream G-IV registered as ‘TC-GVA’ and ‘TC-GVB’ and another 3 Gulfstreams (2x G550 & 1xG450) assigned to the VIP Flight Unit (TC-CBK, TC-DAP & TC-GAP respectively).

It departed this morning via Runway 13 on its way back to Ankara, Turkey.

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