Tunisian Cargo Flights

Following on from their recent visits back in the beginning of Summer 2018, the Tunisian Air Force are currently conducting a series of cargo flights to and from LMML carrying Tunisian Dinars to their homeland.

Today, a Tunisian Air Force C-130J-30 Serial Z21121 ‘TS-MTK’ landed early in the morning on one of these cargo flights, routing DTTA – LMML – DTTA.

This example is one of two recently acquired C-130J-30s of the Tunisian Air Force which are based at Bizerte-Sidi Ahmed (DTTB) and are operated by the 21st squadron.

Tunisian Air Force C-130J-30 serial Z21121 ‘TS-MTK’ Taxiing to Apron 9 via Taxiway Delta

More cargo flights are expected in the coming days.

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